Roll-and-Write Project Soft Launch

One of the reasons for setting up my personal website was to have a place where I could place and maintain all of my writing about Roll-and-Write games. Now with the Gen Can’t Roll-and-Write Contest online, setting up a Patreon for moral support, and doing two back-to-back podcasts on the subject, today is as good as any to do a soft launch.

What that means is that the first two paragraphs of the project have been put online. The first is about what a roll-and-write is, and can be found here. The second goes more in depth already in which we look at the sheets, spaces, and values in these games, and that one can be found here.

What can you expect from this project? Well, the table of contents is online, for starters, and it will show you upcoming sections. Secondly, it is a living document. I chose to make this project one on a website for a reason: I can, and will, keep going back to edit sections for clarity, adding pictures and examples, and updating sections with new, relevant material.

Over the next week, if everything goes according to plan, you can expect the first part, The Basics, to come online. It will be barebones: just text, and straight to the point. The goal is to have the important aspects online first, to help those who are competing in the Gen Can’t contest.

Expect weekly updates from then on. Some weeks will be about a given mechanic, other weeks will be about a given game. Most of this can be copy-pasted directly from my notes, so I will likely be making great strides at this point, until that well dries up.

How can you help? Well, besides donating at my Patreon, you can tweet at me or DM me on my Twitter account with questions you would like to have answered in either a post, or wherever I can integrate it in the project. Oh, and if the project proved useful to you in a design, I always want to hear about that, of course!

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