Roll-And-Write Game Jam Sept 2018

Because of my research into roll-and-write games, I wanted to do a game jam to produce some games of my own. Robin David thought this was a great idea, and we ended up organizing it, instead of participating ourselves.

From the 1st to the 9th of September 2018, participants could design and enter a game to win various prizes. Judging occurs from the 9th to the 20th, with winners being announced on the 23rd. This event is currently closed, the website with the details, and the winners, can be found here.

Robin and I have found the Game Jam an overwhelming success. We had expected a total of twenty entries at best, we ended up with 54 entries. Because we did not expect such a massive showing, we had to scramble to get more judges quickly. However, even with additional judges, it was a grueling two weeks in which I ended up testing around six games per day on average.

For the first event that I had ever organised, it was decent, but I felt we could do better next time. The feedback I collected from both participants and judges reflects this. Even though you can never satisfy literally everyone, we got a lot of positive feedback, but issues of clarity with regards to the process, mainly the judging criteria and feedback on the entered games, were raised often.

We’re already working behind the scenes on the new iteration of the Game Jam, which we will hope will be easier and clearer for both entrants and judges.