Dice and Ink at Inkwell Games

twitterinkwellI’m currently working on a two-volume anthology of roll-and-write games called Dice and Ink, with Inkwell Games. The anthology will contain ten games per book. All of the games are created in cooperation with the designers, rather than in a top-down development cycle. We estimate that we are able to crowdfund the anthology via Kickstarter in Q3 2019.

My part in the project is as the ‘head of development’, meaning I have been responsible so far for:

  • scouting the games;
  • providing playtesting and feedback;
  • designing layouts for the player sheets and other components;
  • rules writing and editing;
  • simple graphic design for both the project and Inkwell;
  • writing art direction prompts for illustrations;
  • coordinate external playtesting;
  • coordinate playtesting research efforts;
  • and many other odd jobs.