Harvest Bloom

Harvest Bloom (working title) is a tabletop board game based on my love for so-called ‘farming sim’  video games such as the Harvest Moon series and Stardew Valley. Players maintain their farm over the span of a year in the hopes of becoming the Monarch of the Harvest Festival. Players will prepare their fields, grow crops, and tend to livestock to collect produce with which to befriend the local Villagers. Villagers provide players with additional perks and abilities during the game. At the end of the game, Villagers also vote at the Harvest Festival for the player that befriended them, hopefully having enough sway to help crown that player as the Monarch of the Harvest Festival.

Harvest Bloom can be played with 2-4 players and takes between 90 to 120 minutes to play.


The game is currently awaiting its tenth iteration, mainly intended to test new, more streamlined components, and to collect feedback on game balance at various player counts, as well as possibly increasing the player count. Two large and two small expansions are planned, design and development on which will start once the base game is completed.