Unofficial MetroX Sheets

One of the roll-and-write games that I have been enjoying immensely is Hisashi Hayashi’s MetroX. In this game, players try to fill metro lines on their sheet and score points for completed tracks, number of lines going through spaces which the players uses a star value on, but lose points for unfilled spaces. You can buy it via nicegameshop, when they have it in stock.

I’ve been enjoying it so much that I have been designing some additional sheets which you can print and play if you own a copy of MetroX. The Dutch Railways map is straightforward. The Amsterdam map adds dotted lines that feature no indicator spaces, meaning they need to be filled using overlapping lines. The Hallownest map is even more experimental, with players being able to build their own lines, but are deducted the value of any lines they can’t complete. The Hague is pretty straightforward too, but has a loop or two, and a tunnel which causes 4 lines to skip one space; it’s a mess in real life too.


Who knows where I might move onto? Berlin, London, New York, or some more fictional areas… Middle-Earth or Tamriel, anyone?